Social Media News in a Nutshell: 31 July – 06 August 2017

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Instagram Stories’ Daily Usage Surpasses Snapchat Usage:

According to TechCrunch, Instagram Stories featured in use a year ago have left Snapchat stories behind in daily user counts. Instagram stories are used by 250 million people every day, while Snapchat stories are used by 166 million people.


Facebook Tests  Stories on Desktop:

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is testing stories on desktop. Tests that are confirmed by Facebook are located in the upper right corner of the screen.


Twitter’s Private Beta for Promoted Brand Tweets:

According to Adweek, Twitter is testing a feature that lets brand automate their promoted tweets for $99 per month. With this feature, Twitter does not allow brands to select the tweet to be amplified; but allows only the interests and location to be used for targeting.


Facebook Stories Can Be Shared Publicly:

TechCrunch reports that Facebook lets users to share their stories publicly. Users who are able to change story settings via the detail button in the generated story can decide whether the story is viewed only by friends or everyone. This feature has been rolled out for all users.


Facebook Business Has Published Tips for Videos:

Facebook has published suggestions that let brands using videos more effectively. The article focuses on mobile videos and has tips on how to use brand assets in videos and increase reach and views.


Facebook Tests Custom Audiences Based on Page Events:

According to Adweek Facebook is getting ready to allow advertisers to target users who are interacted with their page events. The new targeting feature, which brands can use to reach more people with events, is based on the data in the last 180 days.


Snapchat Announces New Partners for Analytics:

Adweek reports that Snapchat has increased the number of companies it partners with so that advertisers can conduct more detailed analysis on metrics such as reach, view, targeting. Currently there are 15 partners in the platform and their new partners are Neustar Marketshare, Nielsen, Analytic Partners and Marketing Management Analytics.


Facebook Optimizes News Feed Over Loading Speed:

According to an announcement shared by Facebook, the platform is preparing to optimize the ranking of the content that directs users to another website over the coming months. With this optimization, the rank of the content depends on the loading speed of redirected website.