Social Media News in a Nutshell: 25 September – 01 October 2017

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Twitter Expands Tweets to 280-Characters:

To make it easier for Twitter users to express their thoughts, the number of characters on the many languages was increased to 280. Twitter also explains that it does not perform the same feature for Japanese, Chinese and Korean; as a language group in which “similar expressions were expressed using fewer words”. Twitter also makes a small change in the tweet interface and tweet’s character limit will show a circle icon instead of decreasing numbers.


YouTube Introduces 4 New Tools for Advertisers:

For advertisers, YouTube has introduced 4 different tools to attract subscribers. In YouTube’s new ad models, brands will be able to create ads based on actions of users in other Google apps. The second place is the Director Mix, where advertisers can create different versions of the same creative, each with a specific audience. Another feature, named Video Ad Sequencing, allows advertisers to show their user ads in a specific order. Lastly, YouTube, which is working with Nielsen, is preparing to provide analysis opportunities to measure the impact of ads on offline sales.


Snapchat Launches Sponsored 3D World Lenses:

Snapchat continues to develop new marketing functions to protect its position among social media platforms. As one of the best examples of this, we can show the “3D World Lenses” feature on the days we passed. 3D World Lenses, which was launched this time with the branding, is now able to be sponsored. One of the first brands to add 3D World Lenses was Warner Bros with the “Spinner” car from Blade Runner 2049 movie.


New Comment Controls for Instagram:

Instagram has released a feature that allows categorization of commenters to give more control over comments. With this feature, users will be able to filter people who can comment on their content according to categories such as “only followers, only followings” etc.


New Targeting Options for Facebook Messenger:

Facebook is working on new ad targeting options that aim to increase brand awareness for brands using Messnger. According to a report by Adweek, the Facebook team also said: to increase the number of video views and conversations, are Messenger’s aim to support advertisers.


Instagram’s Monthy Active Users Increased by 100 Millions in 4 Months:

Instagram announced that the number of active users per month reached 800 million and the number of active users per day reached 500 million. According to the CNBC report, the time spent watching video on the Instagram has increased by 80%, and 4 times more video is produced each day than last year.


Snapchat’s New Sky Filters:

Snapchat continues to attract the attention of its users with a new filter series called “Sky Filters“. Unlike standard filters, Sky Filters are said to be able to detect the sky in photographs, which then help color the sky with different effects.


Facebook M Now Offer New Suggestions:

Facebook’s in-app assistant M announced new suggestions to improve everyday conversations faster and more actively. Suggestions include quick replies, backgrounds for GIFs, and new icons. The most impressive feature of M is that it will be able to show movie hours in individual or group chats and direct them to purchase tickets online.

Messenger M

Geplaatst door Facebook op woensdag 5 april 2017


Instagram Introduces New Face Filters for Videos:

Instagram has released face filters that can be used in live broadcasts or videos. To use this new feature of Instagram, just touch the face icon to the right of the screen. These filters, which can be used in videos and live broadcasts, are said to be available throughout the world in the coming weeks.