Social Media News in a Nutshell: 11 – 17 September 2017

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Facebook Combines Ads Manager and Power Editor:

Facebook has combined Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor, all of which have similar features, under a single platform. This new ad management page on Facebook has an easier user experience, such as drafts in Power Editor and reports in Ads Manager. Facebook has voiced that this section is going to make new updates in the coming days and its goal is to increase productivity for advertisers.


New Ways to Share Instagram Stories:

According to the Instagram’s blog, the stories will now be able to be shared as a direct message. For all this, it will suffice to click on the direct message icon in the bottom right corner and select the person or persons. It will also be automatically deleted from your message box when the story expires. Instagram announced that its update will be online all over the world next week.


Facebook Redesigned Facebook IQ:

Facebook redesigned Facebook IQ and Facebook, Instagram and Messenger data gathered together. The most important feature of the new platform is “Insights to Go”. There is information and data that Facebook can filter and analyze by agencies and marketers with what they call “discovery engine”. Insights to Go slides, presentations can be downloaded, copied. This new feature, which has insights in many sectors, countries and target groups, will enable more meaningful analysis and advertising activities.


Instagram Brings Facebook’s Canvas:

Instagram brings Facebook’s Canvas model, which is welcomed by mobile users as well as advertisers, to stories. According to the Instagram Business Team’s post, advertisers will be able to save these posts for use in advertising once they have published their organic content. Canvas’s mobile performance perfectly matches with Instagram’s mobile usage habits.


Snapchat’s More Realistic Lenses:

Snapchat has announced new VR features. With these new filters that will integrate the virtual world with the real world, users will be able to use their avatars. They will be able to position their avatars in different sizes and orientations in desired locations. Although the new app will often run smoothly on phones with AR features, Snapchat will attract users for a long time with new features!


Facebook Tests Instant Videos:

According to, Facebook will provide videos with caching while using Wi-Fi and then watching without connection. When we think that the majority of users who have problems with downloading and playing videos are giving up watching videos, we can say that this feature will increase video views and duration. Finally, users will see the “lightning bolt” icon in their cached videos.


Instagram Tests Extendend Limits for Stories:

Instagram is looking for a new feature that will please its users. Instagram, which previously allowed the content of stories to be shared within 24 hours, will take up to one week.


Facebook’s New Mentorship System:

Facebook has announced it has tested “Mentor Matching“. Zuckerberg’s “Facebook Mentority” post says that “Facebook can make mentorship communications easier to help people raise their professional prospects.” This breakthrough is a sign that LinkedIn is now seen as a serious competitor, along with Facebook’s previous “job postings” feature for the business world.


Facebook Updates Live API:

The “Live API” has been updated to provide a better quality video viewing experience for Facebook live streaming. Thanks to feedback from developers, the platform did a series of studies on live streaming.

Updates to the Live API

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