Social Media News in a Nutshell: 10 – 16 July 2017

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Facebook Messenger Ads Are Going Global:

Following the tests  by Facebook in Australia and Thailand, the Messenger ads are available all over the world. According to the Facebook report, ads have two different options such as traffic and conversion right now but will have different options, such as Instal App soon.


Instagram Business Profiles  for Facebook Custom Audiences:

According to Adweek, Facebook is working on a new targeting model based on the Instagram business profile data for custom audiences. With the new feature, advertisers will be able to target users who engaged with their Instagram business profile over the last 365 days.


LinkedIn Starts Letting Video Upload:

Marketing Land reports that the LinkedIn plans to let users to natively upload their videos via it’s mobile app. With these videos appearing to take up to 10 minutes, users will be able to share their videos with users via LinkedIn mobile app to share news, know-how etc. The videos will also automatically start playing in mute in the news feed.


India Overtakes The US in the Facebook Usage:

According to The Next Web news; the number of people using Facebook in India has reached 241 million, leaving behind 240 million US users. Brazil is followed by 139 million users.


Account Overview for Facebook Ads Manager:

Adweek reports that advertisers will be able to design their own dashboard consisting of different graphs of the KPIs they identify in the Facebook ad manager. It is not yet known whether these features are available in which countries or not in the testing phase, which are not explained by Facebook.


LinkedIn Matches Users with Mentors:

According to Fast Company, LinkedIn is testing a new feature that aims to bring users together with other professionals who can give them advice. In the “Career Advice Hub” section added to profiles, users can see who they can help and get help by choosing to be mentors or mentees.


LinkedIn Introduced New Look for Campaign Manager:

Linkedin announced changes in its Campaign Manager to make it easier for advertisers to manage their ads on the platform. The new design seems to reposition itself so that many functions can be reached more easily.


New Mute Options from Twitter:

With the new options announced on the Twitter Safety profile, Twitter users have more options to mute notifications on unwanted situations. According to the announcement, users will now be able to mute notifications from new profiles, non-followers, or those who are not following them.


Facebook Tests Paid Subscription for Instant Articles:

According to Digiday, Facebook will test a new model that allows publishers using Instant Articles to publish content through a paid subscription model. This feature, which is intended to be used by major publishers, will be tested with several news publishers.


New Notifications from LinkedIn:

According to the announcement made by LinkedIn, the platform is now planning to send notifications about the news of the day with its users and how many times their profiles appear in the search results. In addition to customizing notifications, LinkedIn also offers the option of muting different types of notifications, such as birthday notifications, notifications for specific content.


Live from Facebook Spaces:

Facebook reports that the platform opens up the possibility of live broadcasting through its VR app – Spaces. According to the report, users can now publish their VR content through the Spaces application in the same way as existing Facebook Live.