Social Media News in a Nutshell: 04 – 10 September 2017

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Whatsapp Announces Free Business App:

WhatsApp is working on a new app  for small and medium-sized companies that they can contact customers with using WhatsApp. The application will also provide enterprise solutions with global customer base for large companies such as airlines, e-commerce sites and banks.

For details: WhatsApp Business


LinkedIn Launches Audience Network:

LinkedIn Audience Network is a new advertising model that enables advertisers to reach LinkedIn members via third parties (web, app, publisher). This advertising model of LinkedIn is exactly the same as the “Audience Network” feature of Facebook. At a time when many features of apps were “inspired” by one another, ad models began to take place in this trend.

LinkedIn also says that with the Audience Network model, advertisers can control exactly where their ads will appear. The application is currently being used in Europe and the US.

For details: LinkedIn Audience Network


Instagram Tests to Push Stories Both Facebook and Instagram:

Instagram introduces a new feature for its stories. With this feature, Instagram users will be able to share their stories simultaneously in Facebook stories. According to the report at, the users will know that the story is actually published in Instagram.


Facebook Watch is Live:

The “Watch” tab in Facebook mobile and TV applications is also live for desktop users in the US now. The Watch tab allows users to subscribe their favorite series and let them follow all videos they would like to see in one compact tab.

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Snapchat Expands Geofilters to Europe:

Snapchat users in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland can now create on-demand geofilters on their mobile devices via Snapchat Creative Studio. Snapchat’s new feature, which has also launched for the users in the US last month, is able to purchase in-app.

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Facebook Expands Stories to Desktops:

In August, Facebook stories begin to test on desktops and Facebook is expected to launch this feature in the near future. The platform works on a design that gives Facebook stories in the upper right corner. It is not clear when Facebook will feature this feature, which continues its design work on user experiences.


Facebook Introduces Rounded Profile Photos:

Facebook has announced that it will use the rounded profile photos with the announcement it made last month. The Facebook management said that the results of this feature were “encouraging.”


Facebook Trains Bots to Mimic Human Emotions:

According to the article “Learn2Smile: Learning Non Verbal Interaction Through Observation” in Dropbox, Facebook’s AI team is working on bots that mimic people’s face expressions. The team stated that they use videos on YouTube for training. Mashable claims that the work being done can be used in the development of avatars on Facebook VR.


WordPress Plugin for Facebook Instant Articles:

Facebook has updated the VIP feature for corporate customers and publishers to improve the reader experience and provide a better interface.

For details: Facebook – VIP Plugin


Facebook Tests Colorful Comments:

Facebook is continuing to work on UX / UI to increase user interactions. The feature of Facebook which tested in the past days lets users to post comments with colorful backgrounds.

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