Social Media News in a Nutshell: 03 – 09 July 2017

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Snapchat’s Paperclip Links, Backdrops and Voice Filters:

3 new features from Snapchat were shared by TechCrunch. The first of these features will be able to add the external link URL to the content of the ads and Discovery stories and direct them to the users’ web sites. Other features voice filters include robotics, eand it is now possible for users to add different patterns to the background of their chosen area.


New Page and Ads Metrics on Facebook:

Facebook has announced new metrics for its pages and ads. According to the announcement, advertisers will now be able to optimize their ads according to the “landing page review” data. The “pre-impression activity breakdown” metric shows how many people interacted with the advertiser’s website or application before and how many are new visitors. With page metrics added to the insights, page managers can track follower numbers, number of suggestions and users view the page info without clicking the page itself.



Instagram Introduced Photo and Video Replies to Stories:

Instagram allows users to reply to stories with photos or videos, with a new feature for users all over the world. This feature, which can be used through the camera icon on the bottom left when watching the story; it can also be used with Boomerang, Rewind, filters and stickers.


Facebook Enriches Dynamic Ads:

With the announcement made by Facebook, advertisers will now be able to use videos in dynamic ads. In addition, content enrichment features will also be available to advertisers within a few months, such as creating overlays for photos in dynamic ads.


Instagram Crack Down on Fake Comments:

According to The Next Web news, Instagram detects and closes accounts that fake comments on content. The platform, which has banned tools like Instagress due to terms and conditions in the past weeks, now blocks fake accounts that are bought with money and automatically comment to the content.


Facebook Tests Descriptions for Cover Photos:

Adweek reported that Facebook is testing descriptions on the cover photos of pages. With this feature, which is not visible in the mobile and can be used only in the browser, page admins can add 100-character page descriptions to the cover photos.


Instagram Uses Machine Learning to Block Offensive Comments:

Instagram announced a new feature that allows users to automatically hide offensive comments to their content. This feature is currently only working for comments in English and is expected to be available for different languages in the future.


New Features for LinkedIn:

Linkedin’s announcement now allows users to get more detailed information about the viewers’ profiles. In addition, the platform, which provided the ability to use photoson comments, was also noted for its quick reply suggestions.


Facebook Tests Pop-Up Chat Feature for Pages:

Social Media Examiner reports that Facebook is testing a pop-up Messenger chats that automatically opens when users visit the page. It is not yet clear whether this feature, which is only seen in browsers, will be rolled out.


Google is Working on VR Ads:

With the widespread use of VR devices, it’s a curiosity how these devices will have ads. According to an announcement by Google, Area 120 which is the creative workshop in Google, is testing the ads that can be displayed in the VR content.


Family Targeting is Available for Facebook Ads Now:

According to an announcement by Facebook, advertisers will now be able to target the same family members with their ads. Currently, Facebook is able to target the Facebook profiles of customers via uploaded he customer information, which now allows targeting people who are in the same family with targeted Facebook profile.

Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature Goes Global:

Facebook announced that the platform is preparing to allow using “Find Wi-Fi” feature all over the world to find public Wi-Fi spots near anyone. With this feature in particular, Facebook can also inform users about the business that provides the Wi-Fi connection so that users can direct this point.


YouTube Tests It’s Experimental Uptime App:

TechCrunch reported that, Uptime, an experimental app that allows YouTube users to watch and comment on video together, has been released. Currently available only on iOS, the app was developed by Google’s experimental workshop Area 120 and was released under the Area 120 brand in the App Store.