Social Media News in a Nutshell: 02 – 08 October 2017

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Instagram Introduced Polls in Stories:

Instagram has introduced a poll feature that triggers interaction with users with a new update last week. The new feature allows to users to creat a poll and see all the results and participants in real time. Instagram has developed a color picker tool as a second news. With the new color selection tool, users will be able to select  a color on the photo with eyedropper and use the color on the brush.


Facebook Improves Transparency of Ads:

Facebook ads become more transparent and controlled. According to the article published by the platform, Facebook will be stricter over the next year by hiring 1,000 more employees to review ads. In addition, users will be able to see sponsored content that appears in the news feed but is not remarked as an ad since they were not targeting them. Facebook is also preparing to confirm all companies that want to sponsor contents which related to US elections.


LinkedIn Works on Snapchat-style Geofilters:

LinkedIn is developing a new feature that can be used as Snapchat’s “geofilter” feature to promote professional events such as conferences and business meetings. The first design of feature that will be open for in-app use is also available.


Instagram Expands Shopify Integration:

Instagram is testing Shopify integration with brands for an easier and faster mobile shopping experience. With Shopify, brands can enable users to shop directly in Instagram without leaving the app. What Instagram wants to do exactly here is to trigger instant sales with tagging technique and Instagram effect; and perform the sale without leaving the app.


YouTube Limits External Links:

YouTube decided to limit conditions of end cards for users. “End cards” feature allows users to redirect to another channel, video list, subscription, or website. In order to avoid exploiting the use of the feature, YouTube wants users to apply YouTube Partner Program and only accepted users will be able to add external links to end cards.


Snapchat’s AR Art:

Snapchat is not known to be inspired by Pokemon GO, but is preparing to use the AR art with a collaboration of American artist Jeff Koons. The feature, which allows artwork to be exhibited in specific locations with AR, has the working principles of Pokemon GO. People on certain locations will be able to see their digitized art works if they point their phones to the right spot. It is a matter of curiosity that Snapchat can re-activate its users with this remarkable work.


Facebook’s Test to Provide Context About Articles:

According to Facebook, the platform users are getting more detailed information about the articles before clicking on. Facebook, who wants to get ahead of spam news, will show the introduction of the news to the user with the “i” button that appears on the articles and will present other related contents about the article as a suggestion.

Article Context

Geplaatst door Facebook op woensdag 4 oktober 2017


LinkedIn Announces Talent Insights:

LinkedIn “Talent Insights” is a feature that allows you to directly access talent pools and rich data about users and companies. Thanks to the “Talent Insights” report; companies can get data-driven insights on how you can reach the talents you need.
This data helps employers to answer questions like:

Where does this talent live and what companies and industries does this talent work in?

How difficult is it to hire the talent you’re looking for?

What schools are producing this talent?


Facebok Tests Face ID:

The face recognition system, which began to integrate with mobile devices and services more and more, is now becoming a technology that we will often encounter. Facebook is testing face recognition technology as a new account recovery method. The company is considering the feature as a third alternative to the normal two-factor authentication method or the email-based account recovery option.